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Racing Team Members

Buddy in racing suit.jpg

Buddy Hull

Owner and Driver

Dallas, Texas

David Shaff.jpg
Caleb Hiner.jpg
Kyle Hiner.jpg

David Shaff

Car Chief and Clutch 

Fort Worth, Texas

Caleb Hiner

Cylinder Heads

Tuscon, Arizona

Kyle Hiner

Supercharger Specialist

Denver, Colorado

Brian Radostis 2.jpg
Sean Cash_edited.jpg
Matt Schaff

Brian Radostis

Bottom End and Racks

Denver, Colorado

Cylinder Heads

Denver, Colorado

Matt Shaff

Top End Assistant

Joshua, Texas

Mike Guger

Crew Chief
Leander, Texas

Robert North

Aero and Electronics
Palos Verdes, California

Robert North.jpg

Sean Cash

Wilson Tomhave.jpg

Wilson Tomhave

Tires and Parachutes

Grand Prairie, Texas

Richie Fenwick

Rich Fenwick

COO of the Nitro Cafe

Old Saybrook, Connecticut 


Brent Wilson

Pit Crew Support

Houston, Texas

Kyle Hiner.jpg

Kyle Hiner

Supercharger Specialist

Denver, Colorado

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